clash riddim pt.1

Dual channel. moving image, duration: 00.12.33 / continuous loop, 2024

‘clash riddim pt.1’ serves as an anthropological document, exploring the advancement of [pocket] technology, and how we, the consumer, use it to record cultural acts in order to access nostalgic sentiment and engage in the hauntology that such archival records keep. ‘clash riddim pt.1’ is a film that explores community brought together through sound. It remembers the spontaneous rhythmical reactions that are subconsciously evoked in an audience when these moments of freedom occur. From older, maturer crowds, to teens exploring the hedonistic experiences that live music affords us. Whether Coxone, Sunsplash, Sidewinder, or FWD, the energy is raw, uncompromised, and honest.


‘riddems that pluck the strings that ping my beating ting like, bim!’, Studio Chapple, 2024

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