If The Rain Stops, Don’t Think That We Gave Up On You

Single channel moving image, duration: 00.13.46, 2023.

If The Rain Stops, Don’t Think That We Gave Up On You is a film that explores community and adventure in the various subcultures that belong to the UK music scene. Though it is absorbed in a rich aural history, it does not belong to a particular period or place, and in that sense, it is a document that is concerned with exploring time travel and the collective memory via sonic experience. It exists within the hallucinogenic traces of post-rave-pre-free-party meanders. It's 4 too many with the eyes flickering like warm orange street lamps, reverberating like bass bins, reaching for the top of the skull. It's deep and meaning-fulls miscommunicated and misunderstood, but it's all love though.

It is a musical piece that is sight-tracked by a moving image document. It is a work that recalls a journey, a narrative that is focused on the dance, the ravers, the musickers.


Carousel Film Exhibition - Photobook Cafe (Shoreditch), Multiple States (Brighton), Paradise TV (Online), Merton Art Space (Wimbledon & Mitcham Libraries) & Close Up Cinema, Satellite Gallery (East London), 2023

Dancing In Outer Space, Studio Chapple, 2023

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