SOUND STRUCTURES is a monthly listening event conceived and facilitated by bill daggs at The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, Archway, in conjunction with THE HORSES MOUTH.

“The musickers, he said include anyone taking part in any capacity in a musical performance, whether they’re playing, listening, composing or dancing.” – Emma Warren on Christopher Small, ‘Steam Down or How Things Begin’, 2019, Rough Trade Books.

SOUND STRUCTURES is a space for Musickers. It is a space that promotes sonic experimentation and offers a positive discourse around its performances. It is a space where listeners can immerse themselves in sound and find a meditative moment within the proceedings of the night.

Each month 4 or 5 artsts / musicians / poets / musickers will perform, or present, after responding to an Open Call. Each presentation will last anywhere up to 30 minutes and will conclude with an open discussion around the work played, where listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings on their aural encounters.

SOUND STRUCTURES is a DIY ‘plug-in-and-play’ event that provides the chance for musickers to sound out new ideas, try works in progress, to perform a live set, present a body of sonic research, or simply share some music that informs their own practice.

There are no restrictions as to what can be presented, as long as it can be heard.

A continuous open call is now live. You can submit your interest to present to studio [at] billdaggs [dot] com, you may also send any questions you have about the event. No booking necessary for those who wish to attend.

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