[Track 7] [Obligatory] Posse Cut - PREMIER TYPE BEAT

single channel moving image and live sound performance, duration 00:04:24


A continuation into the ‘SAMPLE FEAR[ORY]’ investigations.

The Legendary Bear Pelt (RDR2 - Cowboys & Etonites) [L'ours et les deux compagnons - The bear and the two companions] (2022)

single channel moving image, duration 00:06:45

Carnival of The Animals, Princess Alexandra Hall, 02 September 2022, front stage, vertical TV screen

Commissioned by The Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) for a reimagining of Poulenc's 'Les Animaux Modeles' on the occasion of 'Carnival of The Animals', a performance at the Princess Alexandra Hall, 02/09/22. Piano solo performed by Joseph Havlat, narrated by Zeb Soanes. Audio recorded live on the night of performance by ROSL.


The scene is set in a contemporary environment, possibly a pub, a bar, or function room, in the midst of an office party, where two friends, both keen gamers, discuss the approaching moment that their boss, possibly a Prime minister, will dress up as a bear for larks to win over his staff. They despise this person. The two fantasize of "skinning that bear" and selling it's pelt for their social gain - similar to a popular RPG they both indulge in. Their drunken quest to seek the knowledge of how to achieve such a task sends them down a YouTube rabbit-hole as they steadily prop up the bar, thumbing through worth hours of footage, glued attentively to their 6 inch screens. They slip into an inebriated dreamlike state, and as the alcohol works it's depressant magic, they find themselves in maudlin conversation of power struggles, colonialism, the empire, class war, and weep as, no matter how hard they seem to try, the poor never profit from the rich and foolish, and how can they "eat the rich" if they can’t even skin their fur?.

'The Feat Under Heals (The Soul)’

single channel moving image, soundscape and spoken word, duration: 00:08:54, 2021

New Contemporaries 2022, South London Gallery, 9 December 2022 - 12 March 2023


single channel moving image and mixtape, duration: 00:16:47, 2021

New Contemporaries 2022, Humber Street Gallery, Hull, 23 September 2022 - 27 November 2022


single channel moving image, duration: 00:15:16, 2021


A performance of four individual improvisational components, each piece recorded on a seperate day to the other, then fused together as a mash-up to capture happenings of chance, and later affected / effected one way or another in the final mix. All four elements are spontaneous reactions to the environments and artworks informing them.

‘GIVE’ by Elian Gray

single channel moving image, duration: 00:02:28, 2020

music and words by Elian Gray, from the LP ‘Awkward Awe’


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